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House of Gaud

CandleCan Mint Beans Tin Candle

CandleCan Mint Beans Tin Candle

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Don’t tell Jack, but real magic beans don’t cost a cow. Just under the lid of a simple tin can lie the wonders of our bean-shaped candle – it’s scented with a pinch of mint, handmade from natural vegetable wax and packed to surely cast a spell on you.

Size: 4” diameter x 2” high. 

Burn time: Approx 30 hours.

CandleCan is a true burning delicacy, humbly served in a simple can. The candle in a can is made from 100% natural vegetable wax, spiced with subtle scents, handmade with chef-like care and packed for a five-star experience. That wow moment when you open it. You wish you could eat it, but please don't. 

Designed by Justas Bruzas. Handmade in Lithuania.

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